Californian beauty Marina Pamo, encompassing countless redeeming qualities, is more than just your average gorgeous face.
Having Rassian/Ukranian roots, she grew up in many different republics of the former USSR, allowing her to be culturally advanced and creating her zest for world travel. Now, Los Angeles has been her home for over 20 years. Now, she is exploring beautiful state of Texas.
A global socialite and first class globetrotter, Marina’s grace has shed over places as distant as London, Monaco, Paris, new York, Moscow, Dubai and many others. Marina enjoys meeting people of different walks of life and cultures. Modeling has been her passion all her life. She loves “seducing the camera” as she would like to say.

Her wondrously elegant and sexy style can be seen on the red carpet of many prestigious fashion and celebrity events.
Marina is always interested in getting to know more about world. Her eager for knowledge helped her achieve her MBA and many other degrees in different areas of life.
With a heart almost as large as her vibrant personality, Marina is a strong proprietor of kindness and loving. She loves supporting many charitable organizations.


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